About Us

Your Child is in Great Hands

In the begining

The Cabin Day Nursery is owned by Tresca Pascoe. Who works alongside her husband to offer a family based childcare setting.

Tresca started in childcare in 2007 as a childminder, Tresca decided to take the leap into a new carer after parental leave realising she had the potential to make a difference to the life of so many local children and their families.

In 2009 Chris registered as Tresca's assistant so they could work together and offer more felxibiity and spaces. By 2010 both were registered as childminders and were full caring for 6 children a day and offering before and after school care.

Their son Matthew enjoyed the company childminding offered and the family were able to offer day trips and all children and their families were welcomed in to the family home. 

"The friends I made when Mum and Dad childminded became friends for life and are some of the best friends I have. Mum and Dad gave me and other children the opportunity to experience activities and daily outings that many nurseries and pre-schools could not offer"

(Matthew 14)

In 2015 Tresca and Chris chose to open their first nursery originally named Tresca's Childcare. They took over The Cabin on Courtlands Road which had previously been run as a pre-school for over 20 years.

Heading 4

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