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The Cabin 
Day Nursery

Play. Learn. Grow. 

The Child

  • Your child is at the centre of all  we do.

  • The child always comes first

  • Every child is unique and we ensure we plan to meet their individual needs

  • Quality observations  enable us to understand what makes our children tick, by  observing how they learn we are able to make good assessments on what they are capable of, we can then support their learning and development 


The Adults

  • Warm and loving staff foster a sense of belonging

  • Our staff our sensitive  and responsive to the children's needs feelings and interests

  • Adults provide consistency setting clear boundaries and routine while supporting growing independence

  • We build strong partnerships between practitioners, parents and carers and other profesional agencies

The Environment

  • We provide an enabling environment, where children learn and develop through experiences that respond to their individual needs.

  • Children are able to access a range of  resources which allows them to build on their own interest's and build's independence 

  • Our indoor and outdoor spaces provide children the opportunity to explore and take risks

The Learning and Development

  • Children develop and learn in different ways.

  • Practitioners teach children by ensuring challenging, playful opportunities across the prime and specific areas of learning and development

  • All we deliver fosters the characteristics of effective early learning  • Playing and exploring • Active learning • Creating and thinking critically

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Our Approach

We have studied many approaches and we feel our approach is unique to us and our children.

We truly believe that children need to form strong relationships with others before they are ready to learn, first and foremost we always take the time to get to know children and their families.

We encourage children to play alongside others and make new friends so they can share experiences together. From a young age we offer love, warmth and connection. Once a child is confident and happy in the relationships it forms the learning can then begin.

What Parents Think

My son started here at 20 months and is now 4. A lovely setting with a real personal approach. I have always felt confident that the staff have my sons best interest at heart. This nursery is a credit to Tresca, Chris and their staff.

Alfie's mum